The Outer Worlds - Where to find the Science weapons for Weapons From the Void (2024)

The most interesting weapons in The Outer Worlds are the Science weapons, a category of arms that do some very weird things. The first you’re likely to find is the Shrink Ray, which should give you a good idea of the madness you’re in for here.

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The downside: finding some of them can be a bit of a pain. The upside: we’re here to help. As far as I know, there are five of them spread across The Outer Worlds, and their locations are listed below.

As a general guideline, you can buy datapads and the like from merchants on both the Groundbreaker and on Monarch. These will either prod you in the right direction or outright mark the weapon on your map. Simply playing through and doing other sidequests will usually land you pretty close to them. But if you want them now, read on for the full locations!

Shrink Ray (Phineas’ Lab)

The first weapon is on clear display in Phineas’ Lab, just to the side of the viewing window where you speak to him. Despite what Hawthorne’s terminal may have you believe, there’s nothing fancy about this: Phineas is more than happy to hand it over.

Prismatic Hammer (The Groundbreaker)

The second weapon can be found on the Groundbreaker. You’ll want to head into the Stevedore’s quarters. You can find these by heading to the left, just before you enter the main concourse (the neon-filled area with all the shops). If you’re looking at the map, it’s a small room in the area to the west on Floor 4. There are crates stacked up next to the bunks on the left. If you’ve wandered in here before, you may have seen the red “enemy” markers pointing out that something is amiss.

Hop up onto those and on top of the bunks, and then head across to find an open vent. This’ll drop you into a room with a bunch of outlaws: take them out and, to the north end of the room, you’ll find a door with a level 60 lock on it. Fortunately, the outlaw squad leader has a keycard on his corpse, so no need to pump points into lockpicking. Open the door up and find the Prismatic Hammer inside.

Mandibular Rearranger (Scylla)

If you’ve bought the various datapads from Gladys on the Groundbreaker and checked them in your terminal on the Unreliable, you’ll have a navpoint directly marking this one on your map. If not, head to the buildings to the northeast of the map: this is the one you’re looking for.

As with the Shrink Ray, there’s nothing fancy to do here. Simply head in there and check out the chests to find the Mandibular Rearranger.

Gloop Gun (Monarch)

The fourth Science weapon is on Monarch. If you have the Errors Unseen quest, that’ll give you some pointers that will help, but it’s definitely not essential.

The easiest way to get there is to go to the Amber Heights crossroads and head southwest. Turn west off the road and up a hill littered with mines, and you’ll find yourself at a little outpost unmarked on your map. (Note that if you’ve found Chastity’s keycard from a separate questline, you can sneak in through the back door instead.)

Deal with the marauders and head into the main building. Upstairs, you’ll find a UDL Weapons Research keycard. You can use this on the terminal downstairs to unlock the Gloop Gun Containment Unit.

You’ll need Hack 55 to bypass the test, but don’t worry, it’s easy enough and you can try repeatedly. Just answer with the most corporate responses imaginable. (“Protect the Chairman”, “Berate him relentlessly”, “Arrest your spouse.”) Congrats! You’ve got yourself a fancy Gloop Gun.

Mind Control Ray (Monarch)

The fifth and final Science weapon is also on Monarch, and it’s probably the most convoluted to get.

First, get the quest Space Crime Continuum from Lilya Hagen on the Groundbreaker, in the Sublight offices. This’ll point you in the direction of a Sublight contractor on Monarch, who has a rather handy passcode on their corpse. (Note that this quest may not be an essential step given how freeform The Outer Worlds is, but it certainly makes things a lot easier by pinpointing where you need to go.)

Continue following the questline. Head to Fallbrook and meet up with Catherine Malin, and she’ll point you to the Rizzo secret lab at Cascadia. This is where you need to go. Bear in mind the front entrance has a lock with a value of 100 on it: you’ll need to go around the north side, where you can crawl through a hole in the wall.

Once you’re in town, head into the cantina-like building.

The computer to the right of the door is where you input the password you got earlier, via “Supervisor Override”. This opens a sealed door behind the bar, leading to an elevator into the lab proper. This can possibly be hacked through, but I’ve always done this with the password so I’m honestly not sure.

Proceed through the lab. Be wary of the traps: there are mines everywhere, laser grids that need batteries shooting out, and a rather serious mantisaur infestation. Oh, and an incredibly annoying section with steam pipes that’ll set you on fire and yet more mines on the walls. Expect your companions to repeatedly die here, so extra warning if you’re playing on Supernova difficulty.

What you’re looking for is an open elevator shaft. It’s right after you finally get the tanks, directly adjacent to the exit elevator. One short bit of jumping and climbing later, and you’ve got yourself a fancy new Mind Control Ray.

Just note that the exit elevator takes you to the Cascadia landing pad – you know, the one you were repeatedly warned not to go to? Expect to encounter some dangerous wildlife before you can get back to your ship if you take that route. There’s a reason I consider this the “final” weapon.

For more hints, tips, and guides regarding The Outer Worlds, check out our guide hub page.

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The Outer Worlds - Where to find the Science weapons for Weapons From the Void (2024)


The Outer Worlds - Where to find the Science weapons for Weapons From the Void? ›

On Monarch, head to Duncan in the Fallbrook Dry Goods and Supplies. The SubLight datapad he sells you will point you to an abandoned lab in Cascadia. The weapon you're looking for is near the terminal you access during the Space-Crime Continuum side mission for Lilya Hagen of the SubLight faction.

How to get the science weapon in Cascadia? ›

On Monarch, head to Duncan in the Fallbrook Dry Goods and Supplies. The SubLight datapad he sells you will point you to an abandoned lab in Cascadia. The weapon you're looking for is near the terminal you access during the Space-Crime Continuum side mission for Lilya Hagen of the SubLight faction.

Where can I find science weapons? ›

All five Science Weapons can be found by completing the side quest, Weapons From the Void. This side quest is available after you've completed Stranger in a Strange Land. You can start it by reading the logs on the computer terminal in the captain's quarters The Unreliable.

How to get the science weapon from Glady's Outer Worlds? ›

To acquire the science weapon on Scylla, you need to talk to Gladys again. This time, you need to buy the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge from her. You can review it on the terminal when you get back to your ship. The cartridge will point you to a building near the Abandoned Mining Outpost on Scylla.

How to get the monarch science weapon? ›

You'll find this weapon during the Errors Unseen side mission on Monarch. In the UDL Lab to the southwest of Stellar Bay, clear out the marauders. Use the terminal on the left side of the main room to unlock the gun — you can either hack it, or answer the three security questions.

How do you get Phineas science weapon? ›

You'll find yourself in a room where Phineas himself is standing behind a sheet of glass. If you look to your left, you'll see the Science Weapon. Simply pick it up and you'll receive the Shrink Ray, you'll also complete this stage of the mission.

What is the best science weapon in The Outer Worlds? ›

The Prismatic Hammer comes in at number one. A weapon even more perfect for the indecisive crowd, as this weapon deals every single type of damage. While it is a two handed melee weapon, it will send shockwaves dealing all other forms of damage to surrounding enemies.

What is the first science weapon in The Outer Worlds? ›

The Shrink Ray should be the first science weapon you pick up and it's very easy to get. Travel to Phineas' Lab once you boot up The Unreliable's navigational systems and it will be in a box to the right of the shift scientist. Pick it up to unlock it and head out into the world to blast enemies and make them fun-size.

What is the max level in The Outer Worlds? ›

The most significant gameplay enhancement comes in the form of a new level cap of 99. With the DLC installed, the original Outer Worlds had a level cap of 36, which doesn't sound like much, but was perfectly adequate for an RPG that isn't very long by RPG standards.

Do science weapons scale outer worlds? ›

Science weapons are basically anything a mad scientist would create — like shrink rays, anti-gravity guns, or mind control rays. They don't deal a ton of damage on their own, but their damage will scale with the wielder's tech > science skill.

How do you acquire the science weapon on Scylla? ›

Weapons From the Void // Acquire the Science Weapon on Scylla. On Groundbreaker, buy the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge from Gladys, and review it on the terminal in your quarters. Head to Scylla, and follow the pin on your map to the east. You'll find this baton in a building near the Abandoned Mining Outpost.

How to acquire science weapons in abandoned lab outer worlds? ›

Once you reach the UDL Lab, head inside and look for the terminal that can be found in the Lab's main room. Use the terminal to unlock the Gloop Gun by either Hacking the system (55 Hacking) or answering three rather simple questions.

Is Gloop gun good in Outer Worlds? ›

Enemies hit with the Gloop Gun are suspended in the air. It's excellent crowd control, The other science weapons just kind of suck. Shrink Ray, Mind Control, and Spectrum Gatling are CLUNKY and don't work very well.

Where is the Gloop gun? ›

Both the keycard and the Gloop gun are in the UDL Lab, which is in the Monarch Wilderness, northwest of Fallbrook. Once there, enter the largest building, where you will see the Gloop Gun contained on your left next to a terminal.

How to reach groundbreaker weapon? ›

To acquire the Prismatic Hammer, you'll need to gain access to a secret engine room on Groundbreaker, found on the West side of the ship (take the second left as you go through customs) and discovered by either lockpicking your way through a door sat behind several freight boxes, or discovering a hole in the upper left ...

How do you get Evo weapons? ›

To get Evo guns, you need to collect weapon tokens or loot them from defeated opponents. For example, let's say you have a basic gun called M4A1. To upgrade it to an Evo gun, you need to collect weapon tokens by exploring the game map and finding them. Once you have enough tokens, you can use them to upgrade your M4A1.

How to get a Gloop gun? ›

The Gloop Gun can be found during the side mission, Errors Unseen, which requires players to travel to a UDL Lab in the Southwest area of Stella Bay. Following the onscreen marker, take out any Marauders that block your path along the way.

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