The Best Places For Loot On Escape from Tarkov's Labs Map (2024)

Labs is the riskiest map in Escape from Tarkov. You have to pay for a keycard to even play on this map, and ever since the keycard was removed from the flea market, it has been even harder to practice and get better.

Knowing where and what type of loot there is can make a big difference, as it will speed up your raids and make them easier to plan. This article will show you what areas to go to for loot, the types of loot available, which areas to avoid if you’re not confident, and what kind of loadout to bring.

This loot guide will be in no particular order, as there are no “best” locations on Labs. Some places may be better than others, but for this guide, it is better if we just show you what to get in each area. We will start from the second floor and work our way down to the basem*nt.

One thing to note is that, in some of our other guides, we told you the risk of each location. We will not do so for Labs, as the risk factor is cranked up everywhere. However, we will mention if an area is particularly dangerous.

Level 2 of the Labs Map in Escape from Tarkov

Security Office

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We will start with the Security Office, in which there are two locked rooms that can be unlocked with the red and violet keycards. The red keycard is possibly the rarest item in the game, and the violet keycard is also very rare.

For a good reason, these places are usually filled with loot, and they can make you a lot of money in just a few runs. This part of Escape from Tarkov’s Labs map is filled with valuables, weapons, weapon boxes, loose loot, weapon mods, and ammo. You will also need the arsenal storage room key for maximum profits.

There are also a few blocks of PCs and a duffel bag inside. This place is usually very contested, and players check it quite frequently, so make sure not to stay here for too long if you need to be here.

The Cafeteria

There are plenty of provisions here. Moreover, there is a duffel bag. Beyond that, make sure to check the middle table for a yellow keycard.

The Control Room of Tarkov’s Labs Map

This is the place where you can call in an extraction that spawns raiders, too. It’s nothing special; there are just a couple of filing cabinets, valuables spawn, loose loot, a duffel bag, weapon mods, and an ammo spawn.

Board Room

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This room has some fantastic loot for the Labs map in Escape from Tarkov. At the front of the counter, there are a couple of Intel spawns, a green keycard spawn, and a possible MPX. In the boardroom itself, there is an Intel spawn and a yellow keycard spawn.

The real loot lies in the manager’s office. To access this room, you will need the Manager’s Office Key; it is definitely worth it, as there are plenty of valuables, a weapon box, a filing cabinet, a safe, two intel spawns, a PC Block, and a potential M4A1 spawn.

The only downside is that this place is quite exposed, and there is not much cover, so use it at your own risk.

Sterile Laboratory And The Infirmary lvl.2

Sterile Laboratory

This is the place a green Labs Keycard unlocks; this place has a lot of valuables, a Black Keycard spawn, two LEDX spawns, loose loot, loose meds, a Med Case, a Weapon Mod spawn, and an MP5 spawn.

It is a hotly contested area, but if you have a green keycard, this place spawns rare loot quite frequently. One thing to note is that, at present, this keycard is the most expensive keycard in the game at over 66 million roubles.

The Infirmary lvl.2

The infirmary is full of loose meds and med cases. Escape from Tarkov’s Labs map has a lot of meds in it, and this place, along with the Level 1 Infirmary, is the best for it. There are nine loose med spawns, two med cases, two duffel bags, some loose loot, and a loose weapon mod spawn.

Offices #1 and #2

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This is the place for electronics and computer loot in general, as there are plenty of PC blocks between these locations. These locations are virtually the same, with some differences like the safe in Office #1; however, you should find the same type of loot in both locations.

We rarely loot these; however, as it can take time to loot everything, the location is a bit awkward for PVP if one gets caught out, and the loot just isn’t as good; there are better things elsewhere, especially considering how loot-dense Labs is.

Security #1 and Security #2 Rooms in the Escape from Tarkov Labs Map

Security #1

This is the room where you activate the parking gate extraction, and there are a few things that spawn here. There is a Ledgex spawn, valuable spawns, a filing cabinet, and a PC block.

Security #2

This place, however, is unlocked by a yellow lab’s keycard and does not give as much as the more expensive ones, but it is still worth 8 million roubles on the flea market. It has two filing cabinets, a weapon locker, a rare weapon mod spawn, a defibrillator spawn, and a PC block.

Considering that the keycards have infinite uses, it is definitely worth checking out if you have one.

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Administrative Office

The office is your place with five PC blocks, a few valuables, a jacket, a duffel bag, and some loose loot. Overall, nothing special compared to some of the other ones on this floor.

Conference Room

This room is nothing special; it has a VPX spawn, some loose loot, a gold chain spawn, and a weapon box.

Level 1 of the Labs Map in Escape from Tarkov

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Recreation Area

This includes the gym, the security barracks, and the boiler room. Overall, this place does not have a lot of loot; the only places worth checking out are the barracks, the lecture hall, and the server rack next to the lecture hall.

The barracks has multiple loose loot spawns, a safe, a jacket, a filing cabinet, and a duffel bag. The server rack contains electronics, vertexes, and rare tech spawns such as GPUs and Tetriz. Inside the lecture hall, there is a VPX spawn, a UHF RFID Reader spawn, and some loose loot.

The Warehouse

This place has a few toolboxes, some loose loot, a weapon box, and so on. But that’s not what makes it special; there is a chance that raiders will spawn when you activate the Hanger Gate extraction.

Raiders can have amazing loot on them, and they can spawn with the best weapons, ammo, and armor in Escape from Tarkov, making this location often farmed by players, so be careful.

The Test Room of Escape from Tarkov’s Labs Map

This is the location that the black lab’s keycard unlocks, and it is often used for its loot and rare med spawns. There is also a late-game quest that requires you to go here.

Infirmary lvl.1

You will need the blue keycard for Escape from Tarkov’s Labs map to enter this place. The keycard goes for about 30 million right now due to its many rare med spawns such as Stims, LedX, and Ophthalmoscopes. To be specific, there are two med cases and four loose med spawns.

The Main Working Area and the Negotiation Room

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This location is huge, and along with the recreation area, it is the biggest place on Tarkov’s Labs map. Therefore, there are so many loot spawns here. Throughout this entire area, you will find PC blocks and loose valuables spawns.

On the northeast side of it, there is a weapon-testing area that requires a key, and you can find multiple weapon boxes there.

A great thing about this place is the frequent VPX/Virtex spawns. There are also a few med spawns, as well as loose loot spawns.

A big problem with this location is that it is entirely exposed, and despite the fact that it contains a lot of loot, it is quite unsafe since you are on the lower ground the whole time potentially. If you do decide to loot this place, either wait until later in the raid and play cautiously or loot a few items quickly and get out.


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This place is almost identical to the Warehouse; it has an extractor that has a chance of activating and spawning raiders. There are a few weapon boxes, scattered loot and meds, and a duffel bag, but it is nothing special.

As with the Warehouse, players often go to this place to farm raiders, so be careful.

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Level 0 – Technical Level

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We will describe this part of Tarkov’s Labs map on its own because there is not a lot of loot here in total. That does not mean that it is not useful; knowing some of these extractions can be monumental for your survival, but in general, there are no hotspots here.

You can expect to find loot like weapon boxes, toolboxes, and loose loot. There are plenty of elevators here that you need to turn on the power for in order to extract. The other extraction option is Sewage Conduit, which takes 90 seconds to empty before you can extract.

Final Thoughts on How to Make the Most of the Labs Map in Escape from Tarkov

The Labs map is definitely one of the most intimidating maps in Escape from Tarkov, but as we’ve shown, the loot there is amazing. Moreover, its spawn frequency is too. If you are having difficulty on this map, don’t worry; it takes time to master it, and the players you encounter will usually be very experienced and well-equipped.

That was all for this loot guide on Labs; we hope you enjoyed it, and be sure to check out our other Escape from Tarkov map guides.

The Best Places For Loot On Escape from Tarkov's Labs Map (2024)
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