The Best Locations For Loot On Reserve Escape From Tarkov (2024)

The Reserve map in Escape from Tarkov is in an odd place right now. It used to be a somewhat risky map that paid really well. Now that the loot has been nerfed several times, it sits in an awkward spot where you can make more money on other maps, such as Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov.

At the same time, however, now that people are drawn to the newer maps, a lot of pressure is taken off of Reserve and it opens up new possibilities for players who know Reserve really well or just enjoy how the map looks and plays.

Regardless, making money and obtaining rare items is not impossible, and the Reserve is an enjoyable map to play in Escape from Tarkov. This guide will show you the best loot spots, strategies to navigate around the map, and, generally, what to do.

What Are Some General Loot Tips for the Reserve Map in Escape from Tarkov?

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If you have read our other articles, like the best locations on Escape from Tarkov’s Customs map, they are structured for the best loot in order from best to worst. Reserve is probably the most dynamic map in the game, and the format will be different this time around.

Instead of the usual list, we will list the best locations in no particular order and explain what is good about them. Just like all maps in Tarkov, the most dangerous time is the first five minutes of a raid, but it is even more true on Reserve due to how open its spawns are.

Escape from Tarkov players usually run to the nearest building, and due to the dynamic nature of the Reserve map, almost any location can be quite dangerous.

Glukhar, the Scav Boss on Reserve, has around six locations where he can spawn, making him quite unpredictable. Killing him and his guards can bring a lot of loot. Farming raiders that spawn throughout the raid can also be a risky but rewarding strategy.

If you want easy loot, the outskirts of Reserve still have some, and there aren’t many people going there. Specifically in the northwest part of the map where the marked room is located and in the north where the warehouses are.

The Best Reserve Map Strategy

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A great strategy that requires a lot of investment is to get a Red Rebel. If you didn’t know, use the Red Rebel paracord, and if you’re not wearing armor, you can extract at Cliff Descent at the Dome. Armored rigs don’t count as armor in Escape from Tarkov, but you can still wear them.

This strategy is excellent for a few reasons. Reserve is a very dynamic Escape from Tarkomap, and oftentimes it is difficult to predict where enemies will be. While some areas are more popular than others, there is no traditional pacing of the map because the main extraction point is underground.

Instead, you can stay on the ground level and not worry about most people going into the bunkers down below. D2 is one of the most notorious areas for extract campers, so avoiding them altogether is good for your survival rate and more loot.

The Dome itself also has some decent loot of its own, but more on that location in a bit. The downside to this strategy is that the Red Rebel is quite expensive.

Currently, it is approximately 2.5 million roubles on the flea market, but it is 100% worth it if you purchase Reserve, as the variety and the options it provides are worth it.

The Best Locations For Loot

1. Knight Buildings

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Both the Black Knight and White Knight are quite popular for PVP, and for good reason. There are weapon boxes, PC blocks, toolboxes, weapon mods, jackets, as well as tank battery spawns among many others.

In general, the variety of loot on the Reserve map in Escape from Tarkov is excellent, and you will get a bit of everything – be it hideout items, quest items, or simply money. Unfortunately, some of that loot is hidden behind tricky keys, like the RB-MP11; we strongly recommend opening this one.

The other MP keys are fine, and if you have them, it doesn’t hurt to bring them into the raid, as they will pay off quickly. Just don’t expect them to make you amazing money; it’s more of a gradual process.

On a side note, you can use the Knight Building’s roof to get a good position on other players, as long as you do not stay there for too long, as you can be easily sniped if you are not careful.

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2. The King Building

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This building has seen better days, and yet it is still a valuable resource. Rare military loot, electronic parts, and tank batteries can all be found inside if you are lucky enough to search through this location on the Reserve map in Escape from Tarkov. You may even become wealthy by plundering this abandoned structure!

Unfortunately, though, you will mostly find nothing, as after the nerf, rare loot does not spawn often, especially if someone has been there before you. The hangar used to be a really good place for looting, but right now, it is just not worth it, especially with how contested this building can be.

If you happen to find yourself here, though, you will find the most loot in the airspace control center, as the gym mostly has provisionals and a few sports bags. Overall, we do not recommend looting this building unless you are really confident.

3. Locked Areas Near Depot Hermetic Door

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One of the best places early wipe to visit if you have the keys. You will need:

  • RB-PSP1
  • RB-PSP2
  • RB-PSV1
  • RB-PSV2

It is a good thing to have any of those keys, but in total, this location has so many technical, medical, and provisional supply crates, on top of some electronic, provisional, and building material spawns, that it makes for an excellent location to visit.

There are possible tank battery spawns, weapon and armor repair kits, and fuel too, but watch out: the Scav Boss Glukhar has a chance to spawn in this area, and if it’s an early wipe it’s probably best to just run if you see him.

4. White Pawn, Black Pawn, Black Bishop (Areas Around The Helicopter)

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These buildings are also one of the most popular choices for early players on Tarkov’s Reserve map. One thing to keep in mind is that there is an underground system underneath this area, so people going underground to extract or fight often pass through here.

Starting with the helicopter area, we do not recommend looting this area as it is quite risky to be in the open, and you can easily be shot from any angle. Unless you are playing a Scav and your loot does not matter that much to you, avoid this area.

The White Pawn and Black Pawn are incredibly diverse in their loot, full of guns, ammo, provisions, sports bags, and other items such as tech and building materials. We do not recommend exploring the roofs of buildings, as they can be quite dangerous.

The Best Locations For Loot On Reserve Escape From Tarkov (7)

In the basem*nt of Black Pawn, there is a marked room with a chance to spawn really rare loot, such as item cases and rare weapons.

The Black Bishop is similar to the pawn locations on Escape from Tarkov’s Reserve map. The difference is that military tech spawns throughout the building. There are two locked rooms here, and in the RB-AK one, you can enter without a key. RB-AM is not worth bothering with, and we do not recommend it.

5. White Bishop

The White Bishop is your medical spawn building on Reserve. It is a good source of all types of medical equipment for both early and mid-wipe. This building has some weapon mod spawns on the roof, as well as within it, but most of it contains just medical loot.

The RB-SMP and RB-KSM in this case are good keys, as these rooms are usually filled with medical loot. Moreover, both of these keys are needed for the quest “Disease History.”

6. Escape from Tarkov’s Reserve Dome Map Location

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We talked a bit about the Dome, as it is near the “Cliff Descent” extract. At this place, you have the advantage of having the extract right next to you. The Dome has pretty good loot on its own, but bringing these keys will take it to the next level and we highly recommend them for Escape from Tarkov’s Reserve map.

  • RB-RS

The Dome is also a common place to snipe people around the map because it is on the highest ground and provides a view of the entire Reserve map. However, if one stands still and becomes visible from the Dome, there is a risk of getting sniped.

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7. RB-ST

The RB-ST area has many spawns, including weapon boxes, fuel, military loot, meds, and provisionals. It is a decent area to check out if you are nearby, and it is good to visit in tandem with the Knight Buildings.

8. The K buildings

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This place is underwhelming, as there isn’t much going on. It’s mostly good for electronics, tools, and weapons. There are also a tech supply crate, fuel, and weapon mods next to it. Overall, it’s a solid place to loot after the first five minutes of the raid.

9. The Underground Area of Escape from Tarkov’s Reserve Map

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This is the biggest single location and most diverse place in terms of loot in Escape from Tarkov. We will divide it into two parts since there is much to cover.

D2 and Areas near D2

Starting with the areas below the Dome, there are plenty of electronics, military tech spawns, toolboxes, and intelligence spawns in the bunker near D2. Unfortunately, all of these can be quite rare, but they are worth checking out if you are here to extract.

We mentioned earlier how tough it can be to extract here, and if you have no choice or just want to loot around here, be careful of people lying down, waiting behind doors, or just waiting for you to peek at them so they can shoot you.

We recommend watching a Reserve guide by Pestily, where he explains what to watch out for when extracting underground here. Also, you will have to activate the power in order to extract D2. The lever that activates it is located in the middle of the main area.

The Main Bunker Area

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The main bunker area of Tarkov’s Reserve map is huge and can be quite confusing. Thus, it takes practice and conscious effort to master it. The potential for flanking here is enormous, so we definitely recommend that you learn this area bit by bit.

As for loot, you have absolutely everything here, from supply crates, intel spawns, sports bags, fuel, and electronics to weapon boxes, weapon mods, ammunition, and grenade boxes. On top of that, there are plenty of chances to spawn raiders who have high-end gear.

This area is also highly contested by other players due to the high loot and its proximity to an extraction point.

Final Words on How to Succeed on the Reserve Map in Escape from Tarkov

That concludes our loot guide for Tarkov’s Reserve map. The nerf to loot meant that no single location is that good anymore, and you usually have to spread out to make money. That being said, this map is well-designed and its dynamic nature makes it unique.

We hope this article has helped you better understand this map. If it did, please check out our other guides, including our quick guide on how to split ammo stacks in Escape from Tarkov. Good luck with your raids!

The Best Locations For Loot On Reserve Escape From Tarkov (2024)
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