Online and Mobile Banking | WSFS Bank (2024)

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  • Trouble logging in?

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WSFS makes it easier to manage your accounts from home, at work or on the road with our Online and Mobile Banking solutions.

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The Functionality You Need, The Convenience YouWant

Enjoy the efficiency of managing your cash flow when you want, where you want with WSFS Online & Mobile Banking

Account & Card Management

Easily manage your WSFS accounts orcards:

  • Stay Informed – View your current balances and review recent transactions all in oneplace.
  • Statements & Notices – Access online statements, tax documents and notices online or in the app.
  • Card Controls – Lock or unlock your card, control where it can be used, receive instant transaction alerts and more.
  • Mobile Deposits – Use Snapshot Deposit® to deposit checks anytime, anywhere in the WSFS app.

Payments & Transfers

We offer a variety of ways to make payments and transfers:

  • Transfers – Easily make one-time or recurring fund transfers between your WSFS accounts or to accounts elsewhere.
  • Digital Payments – Link your WSFS Debit or Credit Card to make digital payments to shop in-store, in-app or online.
  • Zelle® – Easily send money to people you trust regardless of where they bank in theU.S.
  • Bill Pay – Pay bills safely and securely without the hassle of writing checks.

Safety & Security Tools

Your security and privacy are important to us. Here’s how we can help:

  • Custom Alerts – You can set up email and text alerts to stay informed on account, debit card and security information.
  • Security Center – Visit our Security Center for up-to-date tips and fraud prevention education.
Online and Mobile Banking | WSFS Bank (11)

Online and Mobile Banking | WSFS Bank (12)

WSFS Mobile
Banking App

Access your WSFS accounts from your mobile device anytime, anywhere using the WSFS Mobile Banking app.

  • Securely scan and deposit checks using your smartphone
  • Easily move funds between your accounts
  • Monitor account activity
  • Easily send money to people you trust regardless of where they bank in the U.S.

Getting Started with Online & Mobile Banking

You need to be enrolled in online banking first in order to use the WSFS Mobile App.

Enroll in Online Banking

You will need your WSFS account number or debit card and basic personal information.

Enroll Now

Download the WSFS Mobile App

Once you have enrolled in online banking you can download our app from the App Store or Google Play.

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WSFS does not charge for mobile banking, but data usage and message fees from your wireless carrier may apply.

Online and Mobile Banking | WSFS Bank (2024)
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