Are Mama June and Husband Justin Stroud Still Together? Updates (2024)

Still in love? June “Mama June” Shannonand her husband,Justin Stroud, had a whirlwind romance. After going public with their relationship in January 2022, they quickly tied the knot in March of that year. However, their marriage has seen its problems in Mama June: Family Crisis.

How Long Have Mama June and Justin Stroud Been Together?

June first hinted that she was dating someone new in October 2021, while they made their first public outing in January 2022. After five months of dating, June and Justin got married during a ceremony at a Georgia courthouse on March 23, 2022.

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Three months later, the mother of four took to TikTok to confirm she and Justin were married. “I know you guys been seeing it all over the Internet so we are here to clear up some of the rumors YES me and @officialsmallz1 Really got married back in march 23 on our six month anniversary and yes it was so spur the moment [sic],” June wrote alongside the video posted on June 1.

Less than one year after their courthouse wedding, June and Justin had asecond wedding ceremonyin February 2023. They exchanged vows during a beach wedding in Panama City, Florida, which was attended by her daughtersAlana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson,Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird, Jessica “Chubbs” ShannonandAnna “Chickadee” Cardwell.

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Are Mama June and Justin Stroud Still Together?

The reality stars are still together as of publication, though they have faced ups and downs in their marriage.

In May 2023, June and Justin exclusively spoke toIn Touchabout havingall four of June’s daughtersat their second wedding.

After noting that the ceremony was “amazing,” June said that both her and Justin’s families attended the wedding with only 38 guests. “His family was there and my family was there and that was the only people that was there at our wedding for the whole weekend,” she explained.

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Justin added that “having everybody there” made it feel like “a bigger moment than just a wedding.”

“There was a lot of moving parts, so for it to all work and it went off smoothly, that speaks volumes,” he said. “It turned out as a beautiful weekend.”

What Problems Have Mama June Stroud and Justin Faced?

While the couple appears to be in a solid place now, they have experienced some roadblocks during their relationship.

In a teaser clip for the May 19, 2023, episode of Mama June: Family Crisis shared by Entertainment Tonight, June explained that Justin left their home following an argument.

“This isn’t how a marriage is supposed to be,” she said. “I mean, you’re not supposed to storm off and be all mad.”

When the tattoo artist returned home, viewers learned that they were fighting because June lied to his mother about whether her kids would attend her bridal shower.

Are Mama June and Husband Justin Stroud Still Together? Updates (2)

“You know that I’m trying to rebuild the relationship with Mama Dukes and you lied to her,” Justin said.

June fired back by arguing that she wasn’t lying because her kids “might show up.”

“Please try not to make me have to lie to my mom again,” Justin responded. “Because that’s putting me in a really rough place, and I don’t want to have to choose between wife or mama.”

June and Justin got into a massive fight during an April 2024 episode when the family matriarch claimed she was going to Alana’s going away party with or without an invitation.

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“You see why do we not pull up on people?” Justin told June in the April 12 episode. “You think that you can let s–t boil down for, like, four or five weeks and that’s supposed to fix it? That’s not how life works. You can’t just wait and be like, ‘OK, it’s back to normal, f–k it.’”

The couple have additionally fought over the money that June took from her Coogan account, with Justin defending the Toddlers & Tiaras alum.

“It’s not always about you … I hope you can fix it,” Justin said in the same Family Crisis episode.

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In the May 17, 2024, super tease video that dropped for the season that returns on June 14, 2024, June and Justin were seen still having marital issues.

“It’s gotta be a teamwork, not June’s way or the highway,” Justin told his wife in one heated scene.

The family traveled to a seaside location for a surprise vow renewal ceremony, after Lauryn said in a voiceover, “Mama and Justin’s marriage is on rough waters, so mama planned us a bride’s trip to try and save it.”

However, Justin didn’t think the ceremony was a fix to their problems, seen telling June in front of the officiant, “That’s not the problem here.”

In another tense scene, June asked Justin. “How many times in the last year have I asked you to go to counseling,” as he shouted back, “F–k you and counseling.” ​

Passion Before the Premiere

Despite the tension between the pair in the part two of season 6 trailer, Justin and June showed they still have the hots for each other after filming wrapped. On June 13, 2024, one day before the premiere, Justin shared an Instagram video of the couple playfully dancing and grinding up against each other while set to Tinashe‘s “Nasty.”

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Are Mama June and Husband Justin Stroud Still Together? Updates (2024)


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Who is Momma June with now? ›

The WE tv reality star married her boyfriend of six months, Justin Stroud, in a courthouse wedding on March 23, 2022.

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What she's shared about Justin Stroud. The couple has had two weddings since getting engaged in 2022. Mama June Shannon says she's experiencing "true love" for the "first time" with her husband Justin Stroud.

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Stroud salary? Stroud is on his rookie contract, meaning that he signed a four-year deal worth a fully guaranteed $36million with the Texans. This included a $23million signing bonus and gives him an average salary of $9million. His fifth-year option will be available in 2027.

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Who has custody of Anna's kids? ›

Following Anna's death, Kylee went to live with her father, Michael Cardwell, while Kaitlyn was placed in June's care. While it may be the most practical arrangement in light of Anna's passing, June said it doesn't change the fact that her daughter should be here to watch her children grow up.

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Josh is a very private man. He isn't very active on social media, so much of what we see of him is on TV and on Pumpkin's social media profiles. According to Tuko News, Josh works as a mechanic and has worked for various companies, such as Fun Factory, Big D's, and Southern RV.

Did June take Alana's money? ›

Back in April, ET spoke to June about the allegations that she stole money from Alana when she was underage. "I didn't really steal any money," June told ET. "... It's not hundreds of thousands of dollars that is in question.

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How much does Alana Thompson make per episode? Thompson and her family reportedly made $50,000 per episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

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In 2016, his father, Coleridge Bernard Stroud III, received a 38-years-to-life sentence after pleading guilty to kidnapping, carjacking and robbery in connection with a drug-related incident under California's three-strikes law.

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Where Does Mama June Live Now? Later that month, June's husband revealed to the outlet that they were relocating back to her home state of Georgia.

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